Who We Are

The golden fibre trade centre Limited (gftcl) is the leading exporter and supplier of raw jute, kenaf, & roselle hemp (mesta) fibres and traditional jute goods & diversified jute products from Bangladesh.
The enterprise is solely dedicated to the development, promotion, and export of jute and other allied fibers (roselle hemp & kenaf) .

With confidence, we naturally claim ourselves to be one of the leaders in this field in Bangladesh. Our expertise at the stages from growers level, manufacturing level, to the sophisticated buyers at the international market makes us unique in this field. Firm linkage, product diversification capability, and sophisticated quality management is our major strength.
Since its inception in 1988, the golden fibre trade centre Limited (gftcl) has developed firm relationship with jute importers, a number of private and government procurement agencies around the world.
Our success as a dependable supplier is due to the following factors:
1. Strict quality control supervision adherence to buyers specification
2. Earnest maintenance of supply schedule and shipment
3. Capacity to supply in bulk at any time
4. Firm commitment to all the stakeholders
5. Excellent, reliable, and long term relation with major jute mills, and raw jute balers / shippers in Bangladesh.
As a private limited company, we are registered with the joint stock register office of the Bangladesh government. Please take some time to see our reference page
Our major products
+ + vegetable fibers (jute, roselle hemp, & kenaf) + +
Jute fibre:
– bangla tossa jute fibre (chorchorus olitorius)
– bangla white jute fibre (corchorus capsularis)
Hibiscus fibre:
– roselle hemp or mesta jute fibre (hibiscus sabdarifa)
– kenaf or ambari fibre (hibiscus cannabinus)
Physical forms of the bast fibres:
– raw & long jute, kenaf, roselle hemp fibers
– raw & short jute, kenaf, roselle hemp fibers
– randomly cut or chopped jute, kenaf, roselle hemp fibers
– jute, kenaf, roselle hemp fibers cut-to-length
– carded jute, kenaf, roselle hemp fibers
– jute, kenaf, roselle hemp fibers sliver
– carded jute, kenaf, roselle hemp fibers cut-to-length
– jute, kenaf, roselle hemp fibers sliver cut-to-length
+ + jute cordage + +
Jute yarn (crx, CRT, CRM, CB, hessian, sacks, rope)
Jute twine (CB, hessian, sacks, rope)
Jute cord (hessian, sacks, rope)
Jute rope
+ + jute netting (geotextiles) + +
Jute matting (burlap netting, landscape fabric)
Jute mesh (precut jute / burlap sheet)
Camouflaged jute netting (camo burlap material)
+ + jute fabrics (hessian / gunny / burlap) + +
Hessian cloth (burlap / gunny fabric roll)
Hessian sheet (burlap / gunny cut fabric)
Carpet backing cloth / sheet (cbc / cbs)
Jute webbing (jute tape / ribbon / band)
Twill sacking cloth / material
Double wrap (dw) jute canvas & tarpaulin
Dw hop (saddlery) cloth
Polythene coated laminated jute fabric
+ + jute sacks & bags + + +
Hessian sacks (burlap bags) :
– onion pockets
– wheat bags
– Japanese rice bags
– Australian brand bags
– Cotton packs
Jute twill bags:
– standard A. twill bags
– standard B. twill bags
– L. twill bags
– sugar bags
– grain & corn sacks
– coffee bags
– potato sacks
– cement bags
– Cotton bags
Double wrap (dw) bags:
– flour bags
– salt bags
– heavy & light cee bags
– nitrate bags (for fertilizer)
– sandbags
If you have any inquiry regarding our products, please allow us to serve you.