Our Facilities

The entire factory premise has got 5 warehouses and a press house. Geographically, Jamalpur District is known to be a prominent hub of fine quality raw Jute. Within close proximity of the press house, Jute Fibres of JAT area and North Bengal are traded in abundance by the local marketing intermediaries. It is being regarded as one of the largest press houses of north-east Bangladesh and its reputation has crossed the geographical boundary of the country.

Although it is actually installed to make chemically treated and technically processed fibre, long Jute and jute cuttings can also be processed for baling through the press house. Since inception, the press house so far handled mostly Jute Fibres of different grades, Kenaf (Special, A, B, C), OMC, SMC, BTD, BTE, BTCA and BTCB from Jat and North Bengal areas.


Machinery and equipment

The factory is endowed with following machines:

Name Operation Capacity
Softener Machine Softening of Fibre 1 MT/hr
Circular Cutting Machine Cut to length Cutting fibre at 70-80 mm length. 1.5 MT/hr
Tendom Teaser Card, James Low Carding .25 MT/hr
Tendom Teaser Card, Fraser Carding .25 MT/hr
Mackie Finisher Double Carding .188 MT/hr

Product Line

Through its cutting, carding and pressing machines and also with the aid of some techno-chemical applications, GFTCL has been supplying fibres in different forms and packing arrangements as per the requirement of the non-traditional markets. As mentioned earlier, the factory has got the ability to meet the requirements of the traditional raw Jute importers too.


Long Jute 182.25 KGS
Cutting 182.25 KGS
Caddice (Jute/Kenaf Waste) 140 KGS
Cut to Length 140 KGS
Long jute Sliver cut to Length 140 KGS
Cutting sliver cut to length 160 KGS
Cut to length with mixed SEBOSAN 150 KGS
Cutting sliver uncut 180 KGS
Cutting cut to length 180 KGS

On an average, monthly processing capacity of the factory stands around 2000 M.ton. The fibres can be cut at 25 m to 150 mm sizes with a baling capacity of minimum 120 KGs.



Why GFTCL’s Processing plant is different

  • The ‘Cyclone’ baling pressing machine GFTCL has is one of the very best of its kind. In case of Khulna, most of the shippers have to get their baling done in rented baling presses where a long queue is the biggest problem. Sometimes it even takes 10-12 days for a shipper to get their baling done. The very own baling press ensures promptness and flexibility to deliver cargo just in time.
  • Since 1988, GFTCL is in this business for the last 24 years and has relationship with the leading Jute importers as well as a number of private and govt. procurement agencies around the globe. Also, its in-depth knowledge and experience helps execute order of any size and dimension.
  • The warehouse is located right in the heart of JAAT area and much nearer to Chittagong port than Khulna where most of the jute traders and shippers are located. As a result, it takes only a night to reach cargo from Sharishabari to Chittagong where as it takes at least two days to reach from Khulna. Timeliness in shipping and delivery is one of the primary competencies. As the warehouse is located in a place where communication is good as well as good quality jute is available in bulk quantity, it can deliver cargo in due time at buyer’s discretion.
  • The warehouse is in the heart of the best jute producing ‘Mokam’ (region) in Bangladesh. Apart from the location, GFTCL has got the required expertise to identify very best quality jute available for valued clients.