About Us

With a promise to deliver best and satisfying service to the customers, The Golden Fiber Trade Centre Ltd (GFTCL) marked its historic stepping into world jute market in 1988.

Since inception, Jute, once known to be the ‘Golden Fiber’ of Bangladesh, has always been the primary focus of GFTCL.

All along, GFTCL desperately and persistently strived to promote this natural bast fibre wherever and whenever any opportunity explored to use it as environmentally viable raw material.

GFTCL started its apparently difficult but groundbreaking journey as the exporter of Raw Jute and its allied fibres (Kenaf and Meshta) as well as traditional Jute Goods like Jute Sacks, Hessian Cloth and bags, Jute Twine, Carpet Backing Cloth (CBC), Geo-textiles etc.

Over the last 23 years, because of its profound and proven sensitivity towards Jute consumers and users around the globe, GFTCL has been able to earn undisputed reputation as their most trusted and committed supplier. Globally, users of jute and jute goods prefer to transact with GFTCL as they experience that promises will certainly be kept here.

In case of other stakeholders like local suppliers, banks, shipping and insurance companies, while transacting with GFTCL, ‘reliability with comfort’ is the thing that first comes into their mind. In 2011, GFTCL’s export turnover crossed USD 30.00 Million mark.

The company managed to establish long standing stable trading relationship with agricultural commodity organizations, textile mills and big corporate houses of China, Far East, Middle East, Africa, Europe and other parts of the world.

As a dynamic organization, GFTCL constantly redefined and reinvented itself and kept on searching new possibilities.

In 2000, to cater to the need for natural bast fiber, the company first made its courageous attempt to introduce jute as technically, ecologically and financially viable raw material amongst diversified non-woven industries. Now it is a matter of great pride that globally acclaimed car maker like Macedez is using car components made out of jute fiber. Jute is now being used to make paper, insulation material, composite board, furniture, high value fashionable textiles, decorative packaging & bags etc.

In Sharishabari of Jamalpur District, towards 273 km north-east of Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh), GFTCL installed a processing plant in 2001 to provide with technically processed and chemically treated fiber to the newly explored markets. Now this factory is widely regarded as the best jute processing plant of North-East Bangladesh. And the reputation has now crossed the geographic boundary too.

In 2005, GFTCL and few other associate companies were brought under the umbrella of SIMURA GROUP.

Basing on the astounding success of GFTCL, SIMURA GROUP is now endeavoring to set up diversified fiber based industrial projects.